Team project with Jieyu Qin
3 Months, 2023
My Role
All UX/UI deliverables such as user flow to high fidelity from end to end
Lunch exchange platform with networking
Office workers face various challenges during their lunch break. These challenges include limited meal times, repeated meal options, and missing opportunities to network and communicate with colleagues. The app solves these problems by helping users quickly find different meal options after sharing their lunch plans, while also providing new networking opportunities.
Current Issues
Office workers often face challenges during their lunch break, including limited time, repetitive meal options, and missed opportunities for networking and socializing with colleagues. These factors contribute to a monotonous and unhealthy lunch experience and a missed chance to foster connections with your colleagues and leaders in the workplace.
lunch times
lunch choices
lunch dishes
Unable to
enjoy food
User research
To understand the current problems and identify the user needs, we conducted an in-depth interview with 4 office workers. We focused on the problems of the difficulties related to their lunch at work.
Based on the in-depth user interviews, we narrowed our focus to identifying the current status in setting clear project goals.
Strategic Focus
Through the insights gained from the previous steps, we organized ideas regarding which areas to focus on and which features are essential.
User Flow
Design System
Meal swap
Easy Lunch exchange
Users can easily find lunch exchange partners, enjoy diverse lunch options, and engage in social interaction and networking through this app.
Quick post lunch
Fast scan & place recommendation
Users can use the scan feature to easily find information about their lunch ingredients and easily post them using the place recommendation feature.
Building links
Rating & Feedback
After the lunch exchange, users can leave feedback about their experience. The rating system is important data to help users choose the next lunch exchange partner.
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