Team project with
Anjali Chauhan, Olusola Oduntan
12 Weeks, 2023
My Role
Research, UI/UX process,
Prototyping, Data visualization
Visualizing of emotions
This is a community web platform for individuals seeking self-awareness and a better understanding of their emotions. It provides insights into your emotions, helping you understand yourself better. This can enhance emotional intelligence, increase self-awareness, and promote personal growth.
We are aware of our emotions, but are we really?
Data Mirrors
Data mirror as a concept help users can gain insight into their emotional state and potentially understand themselves better. Our platform acts as a mirror that reflects the different emotions of a person, similar to how a traditional mirror reflects their physical appearance. The goal of this data mirror is to promote emotional self-awareness and help users understand and manage their emotions more effectively.
Emotionally Stable
Being emotionally stable is becoming a habit of knowing who I really am and how I really feel when come across certain people or go through certain situations
Stressed/ Anxiety
I get anxiety attacks almost every time someone new is around me. I feel stressed most of the times
Verbally Awkward
Words are only magical when I write them in my journal. I feel heavy when someone asks me to express how I feel. Is it really important to use words are your way to express you.
Connect provides individuals with insight into their emotions, enabling them to better understand themselves. This, in turn, can improve emotional intelligence, increase self-awareness, and promote personal growth.
Data Visualisation Components
Color Theory
Colors are chosen based on their impact on people's emotions and categorized with representative symbolism in eight colors.
Emotion tracking
People can track and record emotions to create a reliable resource, and our structural visualization aims to enhance understanding and resilience.
Connect with people
City maps display residents' emotions and enable sharing, fostering emotional awareness and social interaction.
Connect can share emotions with neighbors in the city where I live making me feel more connected to others.
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